Latvian – African Civil Welfare Project: from the heroes who brought you /gamergate/


I just want to start by saying that no feat is too great, no task too arduous when done for the love of ones clan and blood. I have a hope for this future to prevail. And I know you can all see it too. It’s an ember, but with just the right amount of breath it can become a raging fire. And all of Africa will see it’s beautiful glow in the night sky. Call it Southwest Africa, call it New Rhodesia, Call it whatever you want.
But what it really is, is an idea born from desperation and love for a dying culture and a people under systematic attack.
This idea will live, and we, you and I will be the lucky few to which they will teach the children in generations to come.




<+Dindu> what’s wrong with this?
<@niipah> Nothing wrong with it
<@niipah> Only reason we have to be 18 now is due to feminism
<@niipah> But back in the day having sex with 14 and up was common
<+Spongy> Can we not promote “pedo shit” I can put up with like 16 but 14 fuck man
<@niipah> Pedo shit is below puberty
<+Dindu> Nah I agree, I just think anything below 18 is dumb
<@niipah> Hebe shit is above puberty
<+Dindu> Pedo being labeled as below 18*
<@niipah> 14 and up should be acceptable






 <+widethroat> how long will it take for this project to become something presentable outside of the chans? when it gets to the point where its presentable to investors i have quite a few useful contacts
<+Cultist> i think it’s already to that point, widethroat



  1. Dindu says:

    Thank you for publicising our movement, Poly :). We hope that many of you will get on board with our African Civil Welfare Project. We aim to promote the use of green building techniques, alternate sources of energy, and sustainable development among the Namibian community.

    – Ben “Zyklon B” Garrison

  2. Your right poly. Gamergate and Latvia is a misogynist group. The only solution to the problem is to castrate all men.

    Smash the Patriarchy! Build the Matriarchy!


  3. Oy vey, oy gevalt!

    This is like anudda shoah!

    How dare those filty go- I mean guys go into Africa and try to have their own home, it’s like they forgot the 400 billion!

    Those damned anti-semites!

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