Put stuff here at some point.


  1. Merc says:

    Okay, this is super embarrassing… But I read your excerpts of the comfort women book, and now it’s nagging at me that I’ll never get to finish it. It seems like Westlake has taken the online copies down… Could I trouble you for your downloaded copy? If that’s kosher?

    Thanks so much!

    • Poly says:

      Oh gosh, this is the second random comment I’ve received in the last week! Did I get linked somewhere?

      I stopped with the chapter readings after some hard drive troubles, but I actually just found a backup copy the other night and am thinking of continuing the posts soon. In any case, I’ll email you the book when I get home this evening and upload it somewhere on the blog for any other interested readers.

  2. mooglin says:

    Hello, just commenting to let you know I like reading your stuff here!

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