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Quote(s) of the Day: Until Abortion Ends

There are few things in life more satisfying than pissing off anti-abortion activists. Personally, I love my monthly abortion vacations, where I infuriate conservative relatives AND lose a little weight at the same time! So when I see pro-lifers actively removing any source of joy in their lives, it’s like hands-free schadenfreude. Below are some of my favourite attempts to bribe (or blackmail?) God into banning abortion for every fetus on the planet forever.

Until Abortion Ends #untilabortionends Butterfingers

Happily depriving myself of Butterfingers, my favorite candy bar, until babies are no longer deprived of LIFE, Even if that means i will never eat one again!!(:


Until abortion ends I will no longer play Call of Duty. Once abortion ends I will play Call of Duty all day.


A few years ago I grew out my hair because I thought it would be fun to have an afro. I became known as “AfroSam.” I cut it off because I hated the attention it won me.

I will not cut my hair until abortion ends. Everytime someone asks about my afro, they will know that abortion is the cause.

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We love taco bell, but its loss will remind us of the severity of abortion. We believe that some day we will take our children to taco bell in celebration of the illegalization of child-killing in America. We believe we are fighting a winning battle and one day this country will wake up and be horrified that she is responsible for a holocaust of innocent babies. Goodbye, for now, Taco Bell. But we will meet again.


I have loved Pokemon as long as I can remember. But I love babies being born more. So untill abortion end I will no longer view pokemems or buy anything Pokemon related.

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I have chosen to give up the comfort of sleeping in a bed or on my simply sack chair, which is super amazingly comfortable.

white MRAs can’t dance

I was watching DaddyDaDa’s excellent “Treat All Women With Respect” this morning:

After boppin’ along to the chill tunes, I jived down to the comments to share the grooviness. Imagine my surprise to find a rewritten version of the song for men!

Drew NA wasn’t happy with the message of “don’t hit women”, so he wrote his musical response, “don’t take men’s money first you silly bitches”:

One, two, three four
No more men to be ignored

Treat all us men with respect
What you give, is what you get
Treat all the men with respect, I say

Heads up girls – I’m talking to you,
Men have it tough — so what ya gonna do?
False accusations are not the way to go,
No proxy violence — and no beating boys,
It’s just wrong – and illegal too.
Resentment grows from the abuse you do,
Men feel powerless from a lack of protection,
But men’ll still lend a heartful extention.

Show empathy — don’t throw stuff,
True love is not that rough.
Work your job — and pay for half,
Making us pay does not make us laugh.

Treat all us men with respect
What you give, is what you get
Treat all the men with respect, I say

Don’t be an evil momma and push him away,
Be honest — don’t lie about the father.
When we father, it’s just the beginning,
The courts and child leave the mother grinning,
Those are the tools for an 18-year pay day.
Fathers want to have time with their kids,
But we cannot, with no parental rights.
Reverse the vicious cyle – of abandonment, abuse
Let us know our child, love our child, and provide, too;
He might need us to respect you, too.

Treat all us men with respect
What you give, is what you get
Treat all the men with respect, I say

One, two, three, four
No more fathers from the doooooooor

Now gents out there —  I am talking to you,
If you say no when she comes onto you
It’s okay to say no, you’re still not gay.
Now put in the work to be good at school,
If you don’t — society won’t help
They ignore you to help that woman!
Don’t fall for a woman who isolates you,
A real woman will be happy you have friends!
Too many gentlemen end up feeling broken,
Repeating a cycle – that must be broken.
Respect yourself and leave her who throws stuff,
Find a good woman who won’t silence you

One, two, three, four
No more men abused at the store

Treat all us men with respect
What you give, is what you get
Treat all the men with respect, I say

Treat all us men with respect
What you give, is what you get
Treat all the men with respect, I say

Treat all us men with respect
What you give, is what you get
Treat all the men with respect, I say

One, two, three, four
We are men to be adored!

Personally, I’m happy to see members of the men’s rights community embrace music and other creative endeavours as a way to get their feelings out. My dream is to one day see noted feminists and MRAs duking it out in a sick-ass rap battle, and today we are one step closer to that dream.

Clown Prince Of Time (BOOBOOBADOOP)

By Wildcat

I can see the arrows pointing on the clock…
I point in there direction and walk, walk, walk
I go upon the people and I talk…
And wave in all directions, the hours on the clock

For Oh I am the Darkness, Clown of Time
Watch me cry for help, a sexy pantomime
You can hear the things I say but they aren’t mine
I will care with them All my Man-Made Time


Lost alone in Time…
Waiting for you to find me.

Cold and Dark and lost in Time…
Waiting for the World to find…


KY Warming Liquid Personal Lubricant: Giving Dogs PTSD Since 1980

Look I voted for Barack Obama too, and I have many gay friends, but this is the extent of my liberalism. I do not condone sexual activity with animals, no matter how smooth or non-messy it may be.

HelloOsakaGoodbye 2 years ago

Oh Shit, I’m Sorry

Sorry for what?

Brony Community: No Uggos, Please

Equestria Daily just released a PSA about a planned brony documentary:

The gist of it is that Equestria has politely requested that bronies self-report their ugliness, awkwardness and creepiness and use this information to decide whether they should contact the media.

Needless to say, if bronies make a bad “first impression” on the viewing public, the result could be a PR disaster that could affect all of us. If the first interview subject chosen is awkward, creepy, or even simply unattractive (let’s face it, TV is a visual medium and people are, sadly, judgmental about this kind of thing), people both on and off the Internet will end up mocking us all.

This is generally a fun, kind, light-hearted subculture, filled with people who just like to enjoy themselves. We’re a harmless bunch, and we enjoy doing good both amongst ourselves and for the world at large. That should be the message that we want to get across here. Particularly if they are first exposed to our ranks via an intentionally sensationalistic program such as “My Strange Addiction”, the brony-naïve viewer is going to go into this thinking “Men? Men who like My Little Pony? What, are they gay or something?”– and that’s a best case scenario. Worst-case scenario, they might assume that we are sexually repressed or– even worse– pedophiles. We need to anticipate these misconceptions, and pre-emptively counter them.

Ignoring the fact that the damage to the brony “image” has already been done, surely the need to even ask this of your chosen subculture in the first place is indicative of a much bigger problem. Still, the PSA appears to have had the desired effect on at least one community member:

wackyteen said…
“they might assume that we are sexually repressed or– even worse– pedophiles”
I will forever avoid the media then… <.< This fandom forever changed my life but i have a bad feeling my past would haunt me.

In conclusion: don’t assume that bronies are all sexually repressed creepy pedophiles, because it’s just not true! Only most of them are.

‘Jim, how much shame should these guys feel?’

‘Probably as much as I feel when I do poppers and watch Japanimation videos.’

J, not a D

via Noël Wells