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Brony Bonanza

Rainbow Dash – Ghetto Uprising

My Little Pony character photoshopped in to Ghetto Uprising. A thoughtful comment exchange on Deviantart follows.

Making my mum a Brony 20’000 words at a time.


yeah the ponies again. Ah what the hay, let me just get it all off my chest to somepony. I think I have scared away my friend —– from talking to him about this. I will admit that I am just a little tiny itti bitty bit obsessed with the show. I’ve never enjoyed a show this much, since the closest comparison would be Stargate SG1. But even that I wasn’t compelled to read fanfics about it and watch and make video mash ups for it. It’s more about the online community and the awesome people I have met thanks to this show that make me love it so much. 60% of which are males over 16.
I enjoy the irony of the show’s unexpected audience with a passion and it has made me no longer afraid to express my feminine side. I am straight, I would have no reason to lie to you about that.
Anyway since this show went viral it has suddenly become cool, to admit to having feelings. and words like adorable and cute and snuggly wuggly hugs are a regular part of the brony community. (don’t know if I told you this yet, A brony is anyone outside of the expected demographic (Girls from 5-12) of the show that love it, male or female.) Like I said it’s such a MANLY show.


Martin Luther King Jr. Pony

Martin Luther King Jr as a poorly rendered cartoon pony by deviantart user sleepingcobrox


Happy 4th of July from RD

My Little Pony character Rainbow Dash saluting for the 4th of July by deviantart user physicallypossible


My little pony fim weight gain


My Little Pony character Pinkie Pie as an incredibly obese naked pony lady by bnryk“So then” said rainbow dash “lets all dig in” and with that all the ponies started to eat. Pinkie at the candy, Applejack at the pies, Fluttershy at the cakes, rainbowdash at the ice cream, Twilight at the cupcakes, and Rarity at the muffins. They all ate for about one hour and stopped to take a break all they’re bellies started to get big. “Hoo wee” said applejack “that’s some mighty good cooking pinkie” “Thanks” said pinkie “wait why’d we stop lets keep eating.  The ponies continued to eat and eat and eat and the more they ate the more bigger they bellies grew “gosh pinkie this is amazing” said rainbowdash patting her big blue belly “fanks” said pinkie who was still eating “uh pinkie” said Fluttershy “do you thinks its good to eat all this I mean we could get tummy aches” “don’t worry I got a tummy of steel”

Brony Community: No Uggos, Please

Equestria Daily just released a PSA about a planned brony documentary:

The gist of it is that Equestria has politely requested that bronies self-report their ugliness, awkwardness and creepiness and use this information to decide whether they should contact the media.

Needless to say, if bronies make a bad “first impression” on the viewing public, the result could be a PR disaster that could affect all of us. If the first interview subject chosen is awkward, creepy, or even simply unattractive (let’s face it, TV is a visual medium and people are, sadly, judgmental about this kind of thing), people both on and off the Internet will end up mocking us all.

This is generally a fun, kind, light-hearted subculture, filled with people who just like to enjoy themselves. We’re a harmless bunch, and we enjoy doing good both amongst ourselves and for the world at large. That should be the message that we want to get across here. Particularly if they are first exposed to our ranks via an intentionally sensationalistic program such as “My Strange Addiction”, the brony-naïve viewer is going to go into this thinking “Men? Men who like My Little Pony? What, are they gay or something?”– and that’s a best case scenario. Worst-case scenario, they might assume that we are sexually repressed or– even worse– pedophiles. We need to anticipate these misconceptions, and pre-emptively counter them.

Ignoring the fact that the damage to the brony “image” has already been done, surely the need to even ask this of your chosen subculture in the first place is indicative of a much bigger problem. Still, the PSA appears to have had the desired effect on at least one community member:

wackyteen said…
“they might assume that we are sexually repressed or– even worse– pedophiles”
I will forever avoid the media then… <.< This fandom forever changed my life but i have a bad feeling my past would haunt me.

In conclusion: don’t assume that bronies are all sexually repressed creepy pedophiles, because it’s just not true! Only most of them are.

‘Jim, how much shame should these guys feel?’

‘Probably as much as I feel when I do poppers and watch Japanimation videos.’