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Clown Prince Of Time (BOOBOOBADOOP)

By Wildcat

I can see the arrows pointing on the clock…
I point in there direction and walk, walk, walk
I go upon the people and I talk…
And wave in all directions, the hours on the clock

For Oh I am the Darkness, Clown of Time
Watch me cry for help, a sexy pantomime
You can hear the things I say but they aren’t mine
I will care with them All my Man-Made Time


Lost alone in Time…
Waiting for you to find me.

Cold and Dark and lost in Time…
Waiting for the World to find…


On This Day In 2002

Livejournal post header: Shadow Greentrees/Sabersinger aka Joyce Chng (jolantru) wrote in otherkin

Soul-Bonding: Role-playing or Otherwise?

Right, okay. A question to all:What are your views concerning soul-bonding? Note, it’s not the soul-bonding equated to bonding as to “My one true love or soul-mate”. It’s the soul-bonding where people are ‘bonded’ to characters normally found in fan fiction or role-playing. From what I have read, these people claim that they are bonded to characters who interact with them (inside their heads) like real people. They claim that they are not multiples here.

So, what are your thoughts?



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Soul Eating

Ok, well considering that I consider myself to once have been a soul eater, I would consider that idea to be essential. Mainly because when one consumes an entire soul, the soul does not die, because there is no death of souls…instead a soul bonds to the thing that ate it, and in time when its ‘host’ is weak, if it wants it may struggle and break off.

Just my opinion though



Livejournal post header: kuwaizairunless these charas are real souls.

a soul eater eh? thats sounds horrible. It’s a shame you aren’t being ‘hunted’ like I am from my friend.

*flatens ears* oh big bad me, gonna be a psyco sorcerer and ‘have’ to be slain

heh, you’ll understand what i’m going through if you can feel as I do


Livejournal post header: kuwaizair

i know that sounded mean and irrashonal, but when you had a friend, for so long and put special comparisons to each other in that companinship, and when he ‘grows up’ and gets a girlfriend and lots more buddys, whom, will help him kill his ol buddy.
It hurts. I need to single out somone and say spirits told me of my destiney.

“Super Magical Religious Political Harry Potter Jesus Conglomeration”

Super Magical Religious Political Harry Potter Jesus Conglomeration by Greg Hoey

Some things are not meant to be understood by man.