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Man is by nature a political animal

Hi, friends! I am bringing this blog briefly out of hibernation to share with you the latest political scandal to rock the United States.

Last week in in New Milford, Connecticut, voters were shocked and appalled to learn they had elected a dog to council.

New Milford Councilman Scott Chamberlain, a Democrat, resigned Friday after initially defending his role in the community of people interested in animal role play.

“It’s nothing to do with sex; it’s an interest in cartoon animals,” he told the Danbury New Times Thursday, as screenshots circulated of his profile on a furry web forum.

The shocking discovery came about after a local resident googled the councilman (hereafter known as ‘Gray Muzzle’) and discovered his profile on sofurry.com. Apparently no one else in New Milford uses the internet because Gray had linked his furry identity with his human name several years before even running for political office.

Yeah, OK, I hear you grumbling. We’ve already heard about this from reputable news outlets like the New York Post, Raw Story, Metro, and The Daily Mail; what could you possibly contribute that hasn’t been covered by these hot takes?

Well, it turns out that all of these news articles are focusing on the same point (almost like they’re all just rewriting the same article without doing original research??)

The website, sofurry.com, allows users to ‘love’, ‘like’, ‘tolerate’ and ‘hate’ various topics. On his profile, Chamberlain wrote that he ‘tolerates’ rape.

Yes, it certainly does say that! But here’s the full profile, take a look and see what else jumps out at you.



If you’re not convinced the list is a true and authentic reproduction of Gray Muzzle’s sexual interests, here’s another archived list from 2011.

Surprisingly, all the legitimate news outlets failed to notice “young”, “underage”, “semi-incest”, or the other morally deviant fetishes and instead have chosen “tolerates rape” as the reason to kick this councilman to the doghouse. The appeal of nonconsent in a consensual context – such as roleplay or erotic fiction – is well documented and totally acceptable if it’s a sexy businessman and an innocent virgin girl (or a sexy pirate and an innocent virgin girl, or a sexy bikie and an innocent virgin girl, or a…)

Whether or not masturbating to fictional children is morally equivalent to masturbating to a fictional rape scene is, perhaps, up to personal interpretation (and um, the law). But it is very interesting that the news articles don’t talk about this, and it has resulted in the wider internet becoming furious at what they see as kinkshaming a man out of office.

Or instead talking about how it’s actually web design that’s to blame for this terrible misunderstanding:

Anyway, enough of the politics talk, the real reason you’re here is to see what kind of insane shit this furry councilman is up to. AND BOY, DOES HE DELIVER!

Props to the users of hipinion – they did a lot of legwork which I shamelessly took advantage of for this roundup. Who says forums are dead these days? And an honourable mention to Death and Taxes, the only news outlet to do their own research and point out that this information was always just a Google away.

A quick primer on Gray Muzzle’s writing from what I’ve gathered so far:

His main series is Tina’s Story, following the exploits of a human-poodle hybrid who works at the DMV and is married to a regular human, ScottRay.

The original series appears to have been posted around 2009-2010. Gray commissioned a cartoonist to draw the series, which is still being updated. Amusingly the latest comic arc revolves around Ray being fired from the DMV for having anthro porn on his work computer, then winning his job back after the whole department rallies to support him.

There are a number of characters with short story arcs or spinoffs. Two of Gray’s favourites are the twin teenage cats Felicia and Felicity.

“What do we have here?” She held up the magazine under the covers “Kittens at Play. Look Felicity, these little kittens are even younger than us….and just look what they’re doing!”

Felicity looked over, and shook her head. Then their father spoke…

“Look. Don’t tell your mother. She wouldn’t understand….” he was sweating, now.

The sisters smiled.

“I think we can help each other. Maybe even have some fun.”

Here are a few more of my favourite excerpts:

Is it bestiality if a human dog has sex with a regular dog?

Her time came, and she went to the hospital to deliver. As the obstetrician assisted, Tina delivered one after another. All Poodle puppies…all white, ten in all. Just as she was about to fall back exhausted, her dog appeared in the delivery room.

“Hey, Dad! Come to see your pups?” she greeted him cheerily

“Dad/ Pups? You’ve been fucking your DOG!”

Ray was furious.

Tina the poodle helps her cat coworker get an abortion:

And then it began. The insertion of the speculum. The scraping of her uterus. The suctioning out of it’s contents. But as Tina had predicted, she made it through. By now, Felicia was an ashen gray color. The doctor explained aftercare, and what to expect, but he wasn’t at all sure that the Siamese was comprehending.

Sexy Asian wolf:

The minute he arrived, a silence fell over the party. He was a tall, handsome Asian wolf named Kendo. Standing six foot four, and lean, but muscled, he cast a stunning profile. Dressed casually, but impeccably in a blue shirt, and pressed khakis, every eye at the party was on him. It was up to Ray to break the silence.

“Hey, everyone! This is my friend Kendo….”

The women stood there, staring. Even the staid Mrs Goldstein took him in.

“MUY caliente'” pronounced Rosa.

hmm how WOULD you circumcise a dog? *pulls up google*”

You see, this was the day of Little Stan’s Brit Milah ceremony, or ‘bris’, the ritual circumcision that every Jewish boy baby undergoes. Traditionally done on the eigth day of life, Stan was of course a fair bit older. Doctor Goldstein solved this by getting a doctor friend to write a letter that he was ‘physically unready’ before now. This was at least partially true. No one had ever really done a bris on a hybrid. Finding a Mohel to perform the rite was challenging. In the end, Doctor Goldstein found one in New York City. The ritual itself was an issue. Since the bris was in effect a circumcision, there was a problem, since dogs don’t have a foreskin. Instead, Stan would have a hatafat dam brit, where the end of the penis is pricked, and a drop of blood taken.


So what do you think about Scott? Cast your vote now!


Scott Chamberlain’s worst fetish

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BREAKING: MRAs suck at satire

Nick Reading Patriarchy Party Banner

Your misogyny is intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

As we already know, it’s hard to be a man in this current politically-correct climate. You can’t call a woman a cunt without some shrieking harpy labelling you a “misogynist”. And when you try to stand up for your rights, those bitches laugh at you!

One organisation is trying to change this. Men’s Rights Edmonton is fighting back against feminazi mockery – by mocking themselves!

MR-E is no stranger to parody. This time, instead of lampooning messages like “please don’t rape drunk girls”, they’ve set their sights on the ridiculous and unjustified stereotypes of MRAs as rapists who think women are inferior to men and don’t deserve to be treated as people.

Their latest endeavour sees member Nick Reading pretending to run for city council under the “Patriarchy Party”.

Nick Reading Patriarchy Party Principles

The idea is this: if “the patriarchy” were real, none of this would be worth batting an eyelid over; it would just be the normal state of affairs. Since everything about this campaign is ridiculously offensive, the patriarchy doesn’t exist after all! Hooray! Feminists, your work is done here – put your bras back on and return to the kitchen.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it was the starting point for Rick Westlake’s Comfort Girls. Through Westlake, we learned that a patriarchal society would inevitably reduce women to sex slaves and babymakers with no real power over anything.

You also may notice the similarities to another radical gender-hating parody: the SCUM Manifesto. Funnily enough, MRAs don’t like this one much at all.

Nick Reading profile picture

From my frequent trips into the Manosphere, one thing I find disturbing is how a large number of MRAs seem to believe that men are fundamentally evil but are too emasculated by modern society to do what they really want. If there was no risk of punishment or retaliation, the majority of men would be happy to treat women like objects. Women should, indeed, feel lucky that they can vote and drive and choose who they marry – if men had any say in the matter, those rights would be immediately stripped away.

Now, I’m as cynical as the next man-eating feminist, but something about that just doesn’t feel right. I have encountered very few feminists with such an awful view of the entire male gender, so it’s especially baffling that a supposed “men’s rights” community would rally behind people like Nick Reading who are doing more to hurt their image than any external group could ever do.