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Quote(s) of the Day: Until Abortion Ends

There are few things in life more satisfying than pissing off anti-abortion activists. Personally, I love my monthly abortion vacations, where I infuriate conservative relatives AND lose a little weight at the same time! So when I see pro-lifers actively removing any source of joy in their lives, it’s like hands-free schadenfreude. Below are some of my favourite attempts to bribe (or blackmail?) God into banning abortion for every fetus on the planet forever.

Until Abortion Ends #untilabortionends Butterfingers

Happily depriving myself of Butterfingers, my favorite candy bar, until babies are no longer deprived of LIFE, Even if that means i will never eat one again!!(:


Until abortion ends I will no longer play Call of Duty. Once abortion ends I will play Call of Duty all day.


A few years ago I grew out my hair because I thought it would be fun to have an afro. I became known as “AfroSam.” I cut it off because I hated the attention it won me.

I will not cut my hair until abortion ends. Everytime someone asks about my afro, they will know that abortion is the cause.

[KGVID poster=”http://el.iti.st/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/no-more-taco-bell-until-abortion-ends_std_thumb2129.jpg” width=”400″ height=”300″]http://el.iti.st/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/no-more-taco-bell-until-abortion-ends_std.mp4[/KGVID]

We love taco bell, but its loss will remind us of the severity of abortion. We believe that some day we will take our children to taco bell in celebration of the illegalization of child-killing in America. We believe we are fighting a winning battle and one day this country will wake up and be horrified that she is responsible for a holocaust of innocent babies. Goodbye, for now, Taco Bell. But we will meet again.


I have loved Pokemon as long as I can remember. But I love babies being born more. So untill abortion end I will no longer view pokemems or buy anything Pokemon related.

[KGVID poster=”http://el.iti.st/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/until-abortion-ends-no-bed_std_thumb0.jpg” width=”550″ height=”311″]http://el.iti.st/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/until-abortion-ends-no-bed_std.mp4[/KGVID]

I have chosen to give up the comfort of sleeping in a bed or on my simply sack chair, which is super amazingly comfortable.


Alright, so this has happened to me many times. Last year, I was coming home from the Deer Park Tanger Outlets Christmas Tree event, and I saw a ten year old watching The Backyardigans in his car…with his younger sister! At school, the kids in my Spanish class like watching Garfield and Friends (mostly from the U.S. Acres segments), My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, SpongeBob SquarePants, Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, Animaniacs, Camp Lazlo and Wreck It Ralph. They often recite quotes from these shows, with the most common one being a play on a line from the U.S. Acres segment “Wade, You’re Afraid”. The line in question is “If he lays an egg, I’m outta here!, and they replace “he” with someone’s name. Once, they put my name into the joke, because I often try to make U.S. Acres jokes to see if they get them (since it’s my current obsession), and they recognized them only 5 times. Once, I yelled “The bunny rabbits is coming!” and one kid said “That’s from U.S. Acres!”. Another time, I said “This got so out of hand that I’ve decided to punish you!”, and another kid said “That’s from U.S. Acres!” yet again. Then, I said “The bunny rabbits is coming!” again and the kid who sits next to a boy who likes me said “There are no bunny rabbits, Wade!”. When my sister tried to sing the U.S. Acres song “Banana Nose”, she sang “Yo…” and a kid started singing the rest of the song. And finally, when ducks flew by our classroom, a kid made a fart noise and asked if birds can fart. I asked him “Have you ever watched Happy Garfield Day?” and he said “No, I haven’t!”, which is strange for a kid who has seen Temp Trouble and says demerit jokes. Also, one kid in this class has the nickname “Orse”, which Roy uses as a nickname for Orson in some episodes. They also like singing that song from “Wanted: Wade” about following the rules, and a kid here got injured imitating the rake scene. As for the Animaniacs joke, one kid mentioned “Potty Emergency” and another recited a line from “The Kid In The Lid”, which was “All we could do was watch, watch, watch, ’till I spilled lots of soda, all over my crotch”. For SpongeBob, similar to the “Orson” and “Lazlo” nicknames, people will call the kids names of SpongeBob characters. For example, after someone got a correct answer when going over a worksheet, one kid said “Good job, Squidward!”, or they act like the 5-year olds who want items with SpongeBob on them. For Phineas and Ferb, they used the phrase “Ferbflip”, which I’ve never heard used in the show, as I’ve only seen a few episodes, even though I think it’s good, due to not having enough time on my hands. For Camp Lazlo, a kid in my class named Larry is nicknamed “Lazlo”. For Wreck It Ralph, they often mention Hero’s Duty, and for Adventure Time and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, a few kids wear the T-shirts of those shows to class, and once, a kid told someone to not act like Fluttershy. Once in class, we did a worksheet on how to make sentences tell what people have to do by using the possessive verb and “que”. One sentence had the name “Dora” in it. If you guessed that the kids made Dora The Explorer jokes next, you’re correct. And another time, a kid named James noticed my Smile Pretty Cure pencil case and called me “Yayoi” due to that, because of a news article on Crunchyroll about Pretty Cure being popular on Twitter due to that character, and possibly because he might watch either Naruto, Gintama or One Piece on that website. Besides that, they also watch Teletoon Retro (even though I live in the USA, and we have Shaw Direct and Bell TV here, which I found out about looking up TV listings for Crash and Bernstien to see upcoming episodes. Once, in algebra class, my friend John wore a Doctor Whooves shirt. A girl named Caroline asked “Isn’t that from My Little Pony? You’re a pervert!”, and John asked her “Haven’t you heard of bronies?” multiple times, leading her to make jokes that went “Remember (name here)? He/she’s a pervert!” One of these jokes mentioned Herbert The Pervert from Family Guy. Also, Wreck It Ralph is often mentioned by the kids in the hallway at my high school. My mom doesn’t do this with shows I watch themselves (except for Popples, which I stopped watching once I got re-addicted into Garfield and Friends, since that show is babyish), but she does have a problem with merchandise from those shows. It all started when I was on Hobby Link Japan, looking for the Cure Module from Suite Pretty Cure, and I saw that it was sold out. I found a Tamagotchi Melody Charm on there due to that, and my mom allowed me to buy it because it was similar. Well, what a mistake that was. On my birthday weekend, I was trying to make it play the Lovelitchi character song “Ever Lovely”, and it starts playing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, and my mom says “What nice baby music you’re playing!” and boy was I embarrassed! She’s been strict ever since that incident, but rarely does she allow me to buy magical girl stuff. My last one would be a Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Dream Torch, since she wants me to grow up. On New Year’s Eve one year when I was in sixth grade, I was bored and was trying to find something interesting on TV. South Park was the only thing on. The episode I saw was about one of the kids (I think Kyle) going into heaven after being addicted to a video game. I also once watched an episode of The Simpsons at the same age about a show about a princess, and it had Krusty the Clown in it (but my brother was watching it). I don’t remember much from the last two, anyway. One time, my cousin wanted to watch Total Drama Island and one of my cousins said “We’re going to call your parents if you watch Total Drama Island!”, and then what does he watch instead? Nickelodeon. Also, my mom has come into the room and saw me watching cartoons. One time, I was watching the U.S. Acres segment “Temp Trouble” and my mom came in to put clothes away during the scene where Roy Rooster and Wade Duck sing under a tree. Well, the volume on the computer was at 50% (but headphones were in the computer), making her able to hear the whole scene about Aloysius Pig’s mom (in case anyone doesn’t know that scene, it’s the one where she punishes Aloysius by having him clean his room). My mom left at the end of the episode when Wade points at Orson’s luggage and gives him demerits for putting funny stickers on it. A couple of times, my dad has walked into the room when we watch Crash and Bernstien (even though it’s a live action show, I put it there because it’s about a puppet). A couple of times, while waiting for Liberty’s Kids or Horseland to start, my parents have walked into the room and asked what we were watching. One time (recently), I said “Garfield and Friends”, because me and my sister were watching the U.S. Acres segment “A Little Time Off”, during the scene where they are on a spaceship and the characters tell about how they feel about the voyage. We shut off the TV playing CBS, thinking to turn it back on during Liberty’s Kids (but I forgot about it!). One time, my brother (who was 14 at the time of this incident) walked into the room during an episode of qubo on NBC’s “3-2-1 Penguins and LarryBoy Stories” during the episode “The Good, The Bad, And The Eggly”, just as the scene where flying robotic pigs cover the town in eggs. Cue my brother leaving disgusted. Also as a kid, in fourth grade I watched a ton of little kids shows like PBS Kids stuff, Noggin, Peep and the Big Wide World (because it looked like Tamagotchi), SeeMore’s Playhouse… the list goes on and on. Also, I watched Maryoku Yummy without realizing it was a little kids show just because they sold the merchandise of it at Justice (I have every single one of the plush dolls they sold there), a store for pre-teens. Even though I didn’t cry at the sad Pixar movies like Toy Story 3 and Up, there was a moment at one of those films that was a mix of this trope and What Do You Mean, It’s Not For Kids?. When I went to see Brave, the whole theater (except for us) was made up of families with toddlers. When the mother turns into a bear and is on the rampage at the castle, everyone except me and my sister left the theater because it was too scary! It reminded me of the Forbidden Broadway Song “You Gotta Get A Puppet” and the “Uncle F***er” scene in “South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut”, where it said or showed that people left because of disturbing things. Also, when I went to a showing of The Smurfs at a local Clearview Cinemas theater, a preschool summer camp group left the theater and didn’t return due to a scene where Gargamel was put in jail, which I didn’t find scary. Or maybe there was a long line for the bathroom due to some other movie showing at the same time. Who knows? Also, when I went to see Big Miracle, a kid kept yelling “Eew!” during the whole trailer for Paranorman, starting with the visual of the dancing toilet (or at least that’s what I had seen it as). Speaking of which, I thought Paranorman and Frankenweenie (which some people say are scary for kids) were tame. Once, my class watched “Casper” and the teacher had to stop the tape because one of the three evil brothers in the movie said a swear word. I also watched the Komiket episode of Lucky Star when I was eight. In my 8th grade Home and Careers class, when I told my cooking group I liked Pretty Cure, one of the boys said that they watch that show, possibly the Futari Wa series. At school on December 5, 2012, as I was getting out my binders for my morning classes, a girl told a story about how she wanted an American Dad action figure for Christmas this year, and her parents said no. The reason? “Cartoons and toys are for kids!”. Then she told who she was telling the story to that she explained to them that it was an adult show, possibly because they might have thought that American Dad was Family Guy for kids without even watching the show! The same kid also was a fan of Garfield and Friends, as they acted out “Kiddie Korner” in the hallway. On December 7, 2012, a boy listened to a rock remix of the SpongeBob SquarePants theme out loud on his iPod. This wasn’t helped by the fact that he was autistic. I also watch Danger Rangers, and it’s good because it doesn’t talk down to little kids. When my sister said she wanted to see the Friendship is Magic Equestria Girls film, my mom said “My Little Pony? Aren’t you too old for that?”. My parents also HATE it when Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown, Poppy Cat or The Chicka Show comes on in the middle of a newscast for the sole purpose of “entertaining the kiddies”. I’m sure that shows like Disney’s Dog With A Blog, Nickelodeon’s Sanjay and Craig, and the Inspector Gadget and The Country Mouse And City Mouse Adventures repeats on ThisTV get higher ratings than these shows! But on June 1, 2013, the situation was different-my mom turned on the TV and what did she see? STUPID SPONGEBOB RE-RUNS ON NICKELODEON! This was during an ad break showing some sneaker commercial. I don’t watch Nick, so my guess is that maybe my dad watched it late last night for Everybody Loves Raymond. And finally, my dad saw a 5-year old with her dad watching Clannad on the train, because that person thought that All Rated PG Shows And Movies Are For Kids.

‘Social justice’ is a FALSE FLAG

Alright, it is time for an expose on the different connections between various groups in this GamerGate scandal.

The majority of this SJW stuff, at its core, is coming from what is known as “Weird Twitter.” (inb4 >KYM http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/weird-twitter) Weird Twitter was initially formed when users of the FYAD subforum on the Something Awful forums decided that the forums were slowly dying (which is true) and took to Twitter to increase their internet presence and be able to interact with more people (largely to harass them). They had created such a hostile environment to newcomers in FYAD that essentially no new blood trickled in, and they literally had to force new people to post there through moderator bullshit, and even then the sole purpose of that was not to get new blood, but for the insular clique who have known each other for more than a decade now, to torment that person. So they needed greener pastures, which they found on Twitter, where they were joined by refugees from Laissez Faire, a FYAD-style subforum which at the end of its lifespan was filled with anime avatar hardline Marxists (think /pol/ but even more extreme, but on the left, and extremely ban-happy. It ultimately fell apart and was resurrected as various offsite forums time and again because they kept falling apart due to drama and users harassing each other).

Anyway this insular group of a few dozen or so people quickly attracted a large following on Twitter by making genuinely amusing Tweets (which had mostly nothing to do with SJW shit), and among that following were many indie creators and related SJW types, mostly because those Tweets had SJW-friendly language (the most glaring examples of this language are infantile-sounding insults like “garbagemen” or “piss baby”).

However, besides making amusing Tweets, they had another purpose: Harassing people for their own amusement. The  former LF parts of Weird Twitter and their largely SJW indie dev follower (and similar people, you get the picture) crowd merely provided SJW issues as a heuristic to find targets to single out and harass. If this in-group had accumulated a following among a different demographic (which is however a rather unlikely scenario, given the initial LF element among them) they would have looked for people to harass based on whatever that demographic valued, rather than SJW issues. It’s important to understand that the SJW issues they supposedly care about are merely meant to raise a Twitter mob outside of their small circle. On FYAD itself, they have no issues with throwing around racist and sexist slurs like they’re going out of style. They just know how to keep that shit off Twitter, since the average FYAD post would give a true SJW a heart attack.

And make no mistake, these people have absolutely no issues with harassment up to and including death threats either. FYAD even managed to make a depressed, possibly autistic man kill himself due to their harassment, a fact that if brought up rather than denying, they will gloat and laugh about. Many of these people were active in Helldump, another Something Awful subforum which existed for the sole purpose of doxxing SA users and digging up as much embarrassing information on them as possible, which went as far as users posting nude pictures of an underaged girl, as well as making fun of users with physical disabilities.

One of the superstars of that subforum was also involved with the attempt at bullying a 10 year-old (who they also doxxed and threatened with death). I say attempt because the 10 year-old shrugged it off like a champ. The guy, btw, should be somewhere in his mid-to-late 30s. This whole episode is well-known, and 4chan has torn the parties involved a new one over it.

Zoe Quinn, by her own admission in mid-August (I believe she tweeted it on August 12th or 15th, it should still be there if she hasn’t deleted it), is still an active SA forums user and has been since 2002. It is safe to assume that she is part of this in-group which is at the center of this Twitter shitstorm.

How do I know all this? Simple, I used to be part of it. I wasn’t part of the FYAD in-group but one of the people who joined later on Twitter (although I had been posting and lurking on the SA forums for years beforehand, I simply didn’t interact with FYAD). The 10 year-old harassment episode opened my eyes, and I used what I know to put 2 and 2 together, and here you are reading the results.

So what does this have to do with the larger SJW community?

Simple: This isn’t about gamers, gaming or feminism. The SJW shit is simply a smoke-screen which an insular group of people who have known each other for over a decade use to get their truly massive amount of SJW Twitter followers who are not part of that in-group, to join in on harassment, which they get off on. I almost feel bad for legit SJWs who participate in this, they are merely useful idiots. If you are an SJW reading this: You have been tricked, rused, bamboozled. The same people who point you to targets which to attack are the very bullies you proclaim to loathe.

Anyway, how does this tie into games journalism?

When this whole thing broke loose, it got huge overnight, despite constant censorship attempts and fraudulent DMCA takedowns across the internet. Gaming journalists, both directly involved with Zoe and indirectly involved by participating in similarly seedy actions which clearly breach the ethics of journalism needed a way to make this go away or bury the larger issue, and fast. All most of them could do on their end was write articles, but that wouldn’t have gotten the needed reaction fast enough.

Luckily, they had connections among this in-group (such as Zoe Quinn possibly being a part of it, as well as other indie devs and related people who follow people from the in-group and are followed back by them) which had, by now, years of experience in raising Twitter lynch mobs and who had the required number of followers among the SJW crowd. Thus, they mobilized them to turn what is a journalistic issue at heart into an SJW issue. And this they gladly did, because it meant getting to harass people.


Quote of the Day: it is a disney fandom or something

I always have this weird relationship with Hally because I love it, but it also makes me jealous all the Time because Sammy. AND NOT THACKNAH THIS IS KINDA EXACTLY MY SECOND HALKY VERSE AND WOW YOU JUST GET CHARACTERS AND IT MAKES ME UGH ALL OVER

I really have no idea.

Quote of the Day: Cute Dead Guys Personal Ad

Ultimate goal is to be tied naked to active railroad tracks and bareback raped by one or more hiV+ guys who emasculate me and leave me there to be run over by a train which they photograph.

It’s good to have a dream.

Quote of the Day – Baby Mama, an Adventure Time Fanfic

Finn growled at Cupcake man and just left him there, laughing triumphantly. Finn stepped through the candy castle doors (not without glares from the guards and stepped into the castle. A huge picture of Finn and Bubblegum hung on the wall and Finn bit back the erge to spit on it. Peppermint butler led Finn upstairs to where the Princess was. Peppermint butler always hated Finn, it’s why he led Finn to the underworld when he killed his beloved Princess Bubblegum’s princess plant. Peppermint butler served as Princess Bubblegum’s guard for years and had known her forever… but her eyes always admired the human boy more than him. When Princess Bubblegum and Finn started dating it broke his heart. Then when Princess Bubblegum broke up with Finn (which Peppermint butler was happy about) Finn abandoned the kingdom when they needed help… and so they had to keep a barrier around the kingdom (which opened for Finn) and things went into chaos. When Princess Bubblegum found out she was pregnant she at first thought it would bring the hero back… but it didn’t. Finn had abandoned Princess Bubblegum, the kingdom, everyone there. Peppermint Butler wanted to fight Finn but he knew it would anger the princess, make the citizens angry (they wanted Finn back to protect them, they really didn’t like him also because he left the princess), and the most important reason… Peppermint butler was no match for Finn. Also Peppermint Butler hated Marceline (he has red line after all) because she could suck the red out of him, she was dating Finn, she was Princess Bubblegum’s greatest enemy, and she stole Finn away from Princess Bubblegum. So Peppermint Butler kept quiet and led Finn to the Princess’s room… where she wasn’t alone. Princess Bubblegum sad on her bed (her belly bigger than ever), Cotton Candy princess (yeah she’s real) sat on a chair, comforting the crying Princess and glared at Finn. Wildberry Princess on the other side of Bubblegum, giving Finn the cold shoulder. Tiny Princess sat behind Bubblegum, combing through her Bubble gummy locks that were now tangled and looked as if they hadn’t been combed in months. Then sat on the other side of the room were Princess Bubblegum’s angry relatives. One was Lemongrab (her uncle) who paced the room and kept saying over and over to himself “this is unacceptable, completely unacceptable, and TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!” Next to him was Prince Gumball, who was Princess Bubblegum’s twin brother, who was Prince of the Candy Kingdom in the land of Aah. Prince Gumball didn’t like Finn, he reminded him of Fiona. Prince Gumball was always in love with Fiona but she never loved him… she always loved that rebel vampire! Now that rebel vampire’s sister stole his twin sister love away too! Then in the corner sat a fat man with a puffy Bubblegum beard and had a gold candy wrapper gold crown who Finn recognized from a picture to be the bubblegum twin’s father, the king of Candy, Candy King.

Read the whole fic here