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Let’s Read Comfort Girls Chapter Two: Aw Phooey!

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And we’re back! I’m so very sorry.

“Yeah. My voice doesn’t sound quite the same, though, does it? We’re pumping in heli-air, with a lot of helium. It makes you sound like Donald Duck. …Looks like you’re finished with this.”

I’m just posting this quote so you remember to read the rest of the book in the voice of Donald Duck.

“Other girls?” she asked, carefully … she didn’t want to get slapped again.

“Two of ’em,” he said. “We have room to process three at a time. Why pump down more cubic than you need?  We have three exam rooms, the head, and a lounge for the guys to come up to pressure. You girls bring us up to full complement, so welcome aboard.”

Linda felt a flash of resentment. Girls? She had a PhD, damnit! “I wish you’d-”

A massive hand grabbed her chin, shoved her mouth shut; strong fingers clutched her cheeks, painfully tight. “You wish nothing, cunt! Get some respect or we’ll beat it into you!” He shook her head, not violently, but enough to make the point. Then he relaxed the hand, though it still cupped her face. “Now what do you say?”

“I’m sorry.” He shook her head again. “You’re sorry, WHAT?”

“I’m sorry … Master.”

And thus begins Rape Number Two. Then three… then four… until Linda loses count. As the rapes slow down, Linda starts to wonder if the men have decided to rape the other comfort girls instead of her. Do they find her unattractive? The thought fills her with “a desolate sadness.”

Nguyen returns and leads Linda out of the exam room. She argues with him some more about her new position.

“But – my training! You know I’m a professional too!”

“A professional – what?” The contempt was heavy in his voice.

“A geneticist. A PhD. It is insane that you’d waste my skill.”

“Letting you practice that skill now would be like hiring Josef Mengele to run the Mayo Clinic.”


“You, of all people, should know the situation that led up to this. You and the rest of Radfem Hub – Miss Bio-Ninja Ninety-Three.” He knew that name? “Yes. With Violet Fliptree and all the rest of them. We set up the Orange network to keep track of you – all the politicians, the judges, the bureaucrats of course, but also the doctors, the researchers, the people in the background who might cook up an unconventional threat.” He smiled thinly. “You didn’t realize that’s why I joined your team? To make sure of the threat. And to find a way to counter it. We caught up with you – all of you – just in time.”

Those are the worst secret agent codenames. It’s also baffling that they would need codenames when the world was apparently run by radical feminists anyway.

Her voice was small, and trembled. “And why didn’t you … just … kill me?”

His smile was of bitter satisfaction. “Several reasons. One is to use you as an example. You’re not the first Radfem to be sentenced to penal servitude.” He put an uncomfortable emphasis on penal, rubbing home the obvious double entendre.


“The next couple of weeks will be your shakedown. Once you’ve settled in, you’ll have classes and training to make you better at your new job.””What kind of classes and training?” She regretted it as soon as she said it.He snorted. “Come on now. Classes in pleasing a man. Belly-dance. Massage. Erotic arts. The Kama Sutra. That should be obvious.”[…]”Reform school, Linda. A really severe kind of reform school. And it still is punishment. You’re one of the ones we really can’t trust, not ever again. But maybe we can reform you enough that you’ll fit in a woman’s proper place in our new society – and maybe we can get some good out of you while we try to reform you.” He stood up. “It’s time for bed. Do you need to go to the bathroom?”

“I’d better. Thank you, Doctor.” She made to get up, but he stopped her with a hand around her upper arm.

“There’s another point. You seem to be calling me “Doctor” as if you still consider yourself a colleague, and you’re not.” His eyes narrowed. “Wasn’t there something that you were told to call the men in this station, this afternoon – a title by which you were told to address us all?”

“Ah-” His grip tightened. “Ma- Master?” His grip eased.

Bear in mind it’s been about two hours since he told her to call him doctor. Men are so irrational!
Linda is still zipped into the rape suit and can’t use her arms. He stands there and watches her use the toilet.

“Finished?” he asked. Numbly, she nodded. He leaned her forward and wiped her with another of those ubiquitous wet-wipes. “Might as well clean you out, too.” He produced a douche bottle and rinsed out her vagina, then stood her up and dried her. The jumper’s gusset flapped behind her, like a beaver tail, as he walked her to the bed.

He made her lie down, and snapped a light metal collar and chain around her neck.


“Standard operating procedure with any comfort girl in private quarters.” He tugged at the chain, a little too strong to be playful, chafing her neck with the loose collar. “We don’t want you getting into things that are not yours. And you need to know that you can’t get at them.”

Rape suits, rape classes, rape beds… it’s this dedication to worldbuilding that makes Rick such an engrossing writer. The chapter ends as it began, with Linda tied up and raped into submission. You may have noticed a running theme here.

Tune in next chapter, where we will meet the other comfort girls and a possible love interest for Linda!

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