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8 Of The Most Idiotic Things To Come Out Of ‘GamerGate’

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you are a connoisseur of fine internet drama so I don’t need to fill you in on the recent Zoe Quinn shitfest. But if you want a quick refresher course, the KYM page is packed with hysterical diatribes about the destruction of gaming by a shadowy cabal of turbofeminists. Anyway, here are my favourite parts of “the worst week in gaming“, in convenient listicle form!

1. Wizardchan, a 4-part saga (click for big)

wizardchan-zoe-quinn-1 wizardchan-zoe-quinn-2 wizardchan-zoe-quinn-3 wizardchan-zoe-quinn-4

2. Phil Fish hacked (or WAS HE?!?!? (he was))


3. Boycott of products advertised on Polygon, including Kraft® Macaroni and Cheese


4. BREAKING: games journalism has people who know each other in it and they talk about each other and stuff


5. One brave warrior tackles a corrupt journalist head-on

6. A SHOCKING UPDATE! Stay tuned!


7. cum collage

How this works is I’ve had two possible pictures in my head for the past month. One that looked like some ransom-note collage of letters Scotch-taped over a cum-covered canvas spelling out “Zoe Quinn is the best person. Best possible person. You are a bad person if you think Zoe is not the best person.” And another in the form of a precision-carved jigsaw puzzle, for which all of the pieces I wasn’t missing fit perfectly into what seemed to be a subtly-worded message to the effect of “lol, ur an idiot, she’s a jerk, flip me over for list of dates and names of people she’s cheated on you with.”

How this works is I’ve been telling myself “Nah, that can’t be what the jigsaw puzzle means. Look, this cum collage Zoe gave me says so.”

How this works is Zoe gave me one more piece at the bar the previous night, because her only other option was to risk my getting a bunch more pieces from Nathan. That piece contained some fine print which read “The cum collage may not be entirely accurate.

8. no really, cum collage